Argument from (Ridiculous) Example

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Posted on 02/11/2010 by Jim

I'm sure that by now you've seen the rampant political cartoons wondering where global warming went. These are excusable, and even amusing, in that they point out the irony that global warming may cause cold temperatures.

But today the New York Times has an article on the subject: "Climate Fight is Heating Up in Deep Freeze". While justifiable, I suppose, as "news" to report on, the arguments it presents are inane.

The idea that a large snow storm disproves global warming is argument from example at its best. It's comparable to stating that because one large company failed capitalism has been proven wrong. All hail Marx and the socialist revolution!

Beyond this shameless argument from example, there are several things to note about this "debate":

* I say "ideological opposition" for two reasons. First,  the level of opposition by many people is so deeply entrenched that it enables people to laugh in the face of science when arguing about a scientific subject. Second, the actions needed to combat global warming do involve government intervention of some form, which many people are opposed to (a justifiable opinion).